Cloud Business Suite for Professionals


Test. Report. Prevent.


  • Smart cloud synchronization with OneRADON for Mobile or Desktop

  • Track and locate your SunRADON Monitors, device status, and test in progress

  • Generate and manage inspection reports and invoices for clients

  • Access and download complete Radon data files for State Reporting

  • Manage devices including Calibration and Service RMA’s

  • 1028 XP with LTE – live data synchronization and remote test stop or restart

  • Expand your business with the integrated lüft Monitor Service Dashboard 

Subscription: starting from $129.00/year (per CRM) including free annual calibration!

To get started with your OneRADON Cloud account

OneRADON® Cloud License Plans

OneRADON Cloud offers 2 License Levels + 1 add-on License for LTE device users


$ 129
Year & CRM
  •  Device Management
  • Free Annual Calibration
  • Test Summary Reports
  • lüft™ Management Dashboard

Advanced Level 1

Year & CRM
  •  Device Management
  • Free Annual Calibration
  • Test Summary Reports 
  • lüft™ Management Dashboard
  • Inspection Management
  • Unlimited Report Generation
  • LTE support 

LTE Add-On

$ 119
6 Months
  •  1028-XP LTE Test Management  
  • Unlimited LTE Data Upload in Real Time

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Seamless Integration with Mobile and Desktop

  • SunRADON Models 1028 XP, 1030, 1028, 1027 supported
  • Secure auto-data upload upon device connection
  • GPS location tracking where and when connected
  • One-Click upload of inspection meta data including pictures, checklists, and report details
  • Edit, add, and update inspection data and sync with cloud without worry about duplication or loss of data

User-Friendly Map Dashboard

  • Quick, filtered view by test location, time range, and test status
  • Search by customer, serial number, address, or tester
  • Quick view of test chart results with direct link to detailed report
  • Export test summary data and test info to CSV file for state reporting
  • Choose Map or Inspection Dashboard as home page

Interactive Inspection Dashboard

  • Organize work in progress by advanced search and filter options to reduce clutter
  • Sort and filter by test progress and inspection report status
  • Quick view of test progress and results by address, customer, device serial number, and tester
  • One-Click action to open individual inspection
  • Fully automated data synchronization from mobile including location mapping
  • Find inspection address with embedded google map

Inspection Reports

  • Quick completion of inspection report by starting what was uploaded from mobile or desktop
  • Add, edit, and update inspection details including but not limited to pictures, checklists, risk information, and property details
  • One-Click data download of test data in CSV format
  • Generate PDF reports, invoices, and e-mail directly to clients from within app
  • 1028-XP with LTE – live data synchronization and remote stop/restart command options

Device Management Dashboard

  • Fully automated device surveillance without any user entry
  • Search for device by serial number, location, or last time used
  • Monitor device location, last time used, battery and firmware
  • Get automatic remainders prior to expiration of calibration
  • Add or renew Cloud license subscription with secure e-commerce portal
  • CSV Export of payment transaction log
  • Visually locate device with embedded google map
  • One-Click access to RMA Portal

RMA Portal

  • Integrated Calibration and Service RMA Portal
  • Automated RMA Report generation with serial numbers, shipping addresses, and tracking
  • Choice of integrated FedEx shipping terminal or return shipment pre-payment with secure e-commerce portal
  • View and print FedEx shipping labels and RMA reports
  • CSV Export of RMA transaction log

Integrated lüft Monitor Service Dashboard

  • Monitor your customers’ lüft long-term Radon Monitors as a service
  • Enables post-inspection and post-mitigation surveillance
  • Customize each sensor’s alert thresholds
  • View short- and long-term trend charts
  • CSV Export of hourly data logs for analysis

To install this Web App in your iPhone/iPad press and then Add to Home Screen.